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Lip Sleeping Mask - Moisturizing and moisturizing

Lip Sleeping Mask - Moisturizing and moisturizing


Repair and nourish lips

A free lip mask that restores extremely dry lips at night, providing dense nourishment to lips, trapping moisture and creating a plump, healthy appearance.

Moisturizing and smooth texture

This lip care product has a smooth, moisturizing texture that pamper the lips, leaving them light, non-greasy, refreshing and berry-scented.

Filling and soothing effects

Nourishes and supports a strong skin barrier, gently removes dead skin, reduces lip lines and awakens soft, smooth lips. A moisturizing formula rich in berry wax and shea butter for a powerful moisturizing and nourishing effect

How to use

Apply a moisturizing lip mask to clean, dry lips and leave overnight. It can be used day and night, or before applying lipstick. Removes dry, flaky skin while absorbing moisture for apparent renewal and rejuvenation.

The perfect gift

Moisturizing lip balm with clear and vegan ingredients helps your lips visibly recover from daily damage, staying smooth, soft and visibly rejuvenated. A beautifully wrapped set is perfect as a gift for friends or family.

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