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About our newly developed toothbrush!

About our newly developed toothbrush!


Candy-colored electric toothbrush!

Combining three intelligent cleaning modes, the Hismile Electric Toothbrush will provide you with a powerful and effective clean.

Three powerful cleaning modes

Built-in timer for convenience

Soft-tapered bristles for effective cleaning

Mode memory to suit your brushing needs

How do I use the Electric Toothbrush?

Charge the toothbrush prior to use.  Wet toothbrush head and apply toothpaste, ensuring the toothbrush head is in contact with teeth before powering on the toothbrush.

To cycle through modes, press the power button until desired mode is selected.  Brush for 2 minutes.

A short pause at 30-second intervals acts as a reminder to brush all 4 quadrants of the mouth equally.  The toothbrush will power down after the recommended 2-minute brushing time.  To turn the toothbrush off at any time, press and hold the mode button.

The toothbrush is designed with mode memory and will default to the last used setting on next use

How often do I need to replace the toothbrush head?

We recommend replacing the toothbrush head every 3 months, or when the head becomes worn, with a relevant, Glorysmile Toothbrush fitted head.

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