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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-28
A proper diet and a healthy lifestyle helps to maintain good health. Addiction to tobacco is acutely harmful for tooth. Apart from its helping in staining teeth, it is also an important cause behind gum infections, gum cancer, oral infection, teeth cavity etc. Stained teeth is quite embarrassing, however, now many solution for the stained teeth is at your hands. TEETH WHITENING KITS Teeth whitening kits - whitening pens, whitening gels, whitening trays are now well available in the market. A moderate percentage of hydrogen peroxide content in these products helps in removing the yellow stains. It can be applied under the dentist's supervision or can even be done at home. The former is usually adopted when the patient is having time scarcity for the treatment-period. However on having time you are the 'best dentist' to apply it over your teeth (avoiding your gum and tongue). Leave it for sometime (as instructed) and get the most wanted result. CREST WHITESTRIPS AND 3D CREST WHITESTRIPS These are strips helping in teeth whitening. Crest Whitestrips comes in two separate packets - for upper and lower teeth. The upper part is to be applied, folding the remaining section inside the teeth (for a right fixation) and then continued same procedure with the lower one. Be sure, that they fixed well within your teeth and do not roll around inside your mouth. The new addition of 3D strips is also helpful ensuring a better effect than the ordinary strips. LASER TREATMENT Laser treatment is nothing but the use of the same chemical (hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide) and getting the faster result. The laser light is focused on the stained spot; it excites the particles at much faster rate and hence reducing the treatment-duration. It though is quite costly but is helpful for those having a heavy daily schedule. But this treatment is not at all advised by the dentist, rather use of whitening strips and whitening tools are much safer. LED TREATMENT LED treatment is the most sophisticated technique for teeth whitening. The effect of the LED lights are quite less, hence the intensity is not much. With duration of 20-25 minutes, the treatment gets over leaving a perfect finish. This can be even done at home and is the safest of all method used for whitening teeth. It just removes the stains without causing any harm to the teeth But, you must keep this in mind that if you cannot follow a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you can never succeed in maintaining good health of your teeth.
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