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Why turmeric can whiten teeth?

Why turmeric can whiten teeth?


New Teeth Whitening Termaric Powder


  1. Turmeric is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine,It has a similar appearance to ginger.

  2. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory,anti-oxidant,anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fungal properties and can prevent and treat ginkgo inflammational.

  3. This herbal powder is added to our teeth whitening powder,so that our users can get better oral health during the teeth whitening treatment.

Role of turmeric in oral health:

The spice had antimicrobial properties. It acts as a cleansing agent for the gums and removes impurities. When used as whitening, it cleans the teeth and jaws naturally and removes the strains and impurities. Its anti-inflammatory properties benefit oral health;This spice originates from the ginger family and is mildly abrasive. The natural properties of turmeric fight oral health conditions.

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