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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-26
If you have ever accessed a photo editing software you are bound to know that how easy it is to transform some aspects of a picture and make it look completely different. It is very easy to manipulate the parameters to come up with many different variations of the same image. It is also possible to increase the level of whitening for teeth than what is truly obtained by the use of a certain product. With the easy access of digital technology it is very easy to trick people now-a-days. So next time you see such before-and-after pictures look carefully before being amazed at the level of whitening the concerned teeth bleaching procedure promises to deliver. There are several means available that can ensure the authenticity of an image. An embedded digital watermark can act as a sign of proof that the image is indeed unaltered. Also the use of many advanced marking software or the incorporation of an icon can also be used as benchmarks for authenticity. But even after using such techniques it is possible to alter an image. For example, the subject may have treated beforehand with some stronger teeth whitening product and the result claimed by some other procedure. There is absolutely no way for knowing for sure. While the use of these before-and-after photos is not necessarily discouraged, the advertisements should come with certain disclaimers. The pictures are mere suggestive and they may not be representatives of the actual work of the product. The use of lighting can also have positive effect on pictures. If a teeth whitening product displays their 'after' photos in presence of full lighting it may appear to the reader that the product really guarantees whiter teeth. The angle of the picture and the clothes also heightens the quality by appreciable amounts. So it is important to verify a before-and-after picture thoroughly before trusting them. Both the before and the after pictures should be equidistant and cropped equally. The angle of the pictures must be face first and the clothes must be matching. Additional make up and lighting effect should be carefully judged before accepting the results. In spite of such inspection there may be finer adjustments that you fail to catch. In such a case it is always advisable to look at more and more photos to get an average idea about the results achieved by the use of such teeth whitening products.
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