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Which are the best teeth whitening strips?

Which are the best teeth whitening strips?


Crest is well-known in the field of oral health products. It has a long history. Because of its original fluorine formula with excellent and efficient anti-cavity function, it has become the first one to be recognized by the world's authoritative dental organization-the American Dental Association (ADA ) Approved anti-decay toothpaste. However, there is a specialization in the surgical industry. Dent Technology Co., Ltd. has 14 years of experience in the field of teeth whitening. It has docked countless customers from all over the world, especially European and American countries. The trust of customers is our motivation. We Our products include tooth whitening kits, tooth strips, whitening gels, and other dental products. As the largest wholesaler in the tooth whitening industry in China, we can meet more customer needs than retail. Customized sizes, customized colors, Customized logo. We have all kinds of export certificates, and all products are legal and compliant.

In the tooth paste product section, we have dry tooth paste, wet tooth paste, activated carbon tooth paste, and the concentration of the ingredients can be customized according to customer needs to achieve better whitening effect.

Our Brand "GlorySmile" tooth whitening strips uses a revolutionary target pigment synchro-accelerated activation technology. The new ecological active oxygen generated by the tooth can freely penetrate into the enamel and dentin, improve the vitality of the teeth, promote the self-metabolism of the teeth, and make the teeth Restores whiteness in the process of self-metabolism.

Because of its unique elastic viscosity and tension, the elastic gel-shaped patch has the best adhesion to the tooth surface, can provide the best tooth surface adhesion, and increase the contact area between the gel layer and the tooth shape. The action time of the tooth whitening agent in the teeth, thereby improving the whitening effect of the teeth. When the tooth sticks to the surface of the tooth, the whitening ingredients of the tooth contact with the saliva to release new ecological active oxygen. These oxygen free radicals can penetrate into the enamel and dentin through the micropores of the tooth and decompose the pigment. To achieve the whitening effect of teeth. A good tooth paste requires the continuous generation of active oxygen until the tooth paste is removed from the teeth. The longer the oxygen bubbles generated last, the better the whitening effect of the teeth.

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