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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-01
So how do you go about choosing the right product for you? To make this easier we have selected the top 3 teeth whitening kits on the market today that have received superb consumer feedback and have been proven to work. All three teeth whitening products can help to whiten your teeth under two weeks and provide a full money-back guarantee. Smile 4 You - Most cost effective teeth whitening kit Offering what has been regarded as the best comprehensive kit on the market along with the most cost effective. Smile 4 You gives you enough whitening gel to last up to 200 treatments making each treatment incredibly cheap! The whitening gel is made in FDA approved labs and can help you get up to 11 shades whiter teeth in 2 weeks. Visible results can be seen after just 30 minutes. Mint Cosmetics - Stylish and super strong teeth whitening kit Winning the most stylish award for packing and branding goes to Mint Cosmetics. With the most attractive looking kit on the market, providing strong Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that claims to be 4 times stronger than other kits on the market. NuWhite - Perfect for sensitive teeth This kit contains three different mouth guards that can be customised for a perfect fit and comes with three different strength whitening gels. If you have sensitive teeth then you can choose the lower 10% strength gel to ensure you avoid any sensitivity during treatment. The kit may not be quite as strong as the other two, but results have shown up to 10 shades whiter teeth after 2 weeks of treatment. Choosing the teeth whitening kit for you For cost and effective results then Smile 4 You is the clear winner. With enough whitening gel for 200 treatments it makes for the cheapest teeth whitening kit on the market that works. If you suffer from sensitive teeth then NuWhite is probably the kit for you as it contains 3 strengths of whitening gel, the lowest being just 10%. The offering from Mint Cosmetics should not be discounted as its a very effective kit, albeit more expensive than Smile 4 You and probably not suitable for those with sensitive teeth.
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