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What Is The Glorysmile V34 Color Corrector And Does It Work?

What Is The Glorysmile V34 Color Corrector And Does It Work?


Are you looking to brighten your smile? The yellow and bad stains on your teeth can make you look uncool. We have a solution for this problem. V34 Color corrector serum is famous all through both the United Kingdom and United States.  If you are worried about yellow staining in your mouth, read this page to find out more about this item.

What is the V34 color corrector?

Glorysmile teeth whitening manufacturer employs a special technique to whiten stained teeth without irritating the gums. One of their top-selling items is the PAP+ teeth whitening kit, which uses substances that are enamel safe.

The Glorysmile V34 color corrector is not mainly a perfect substitute for purple toothpaste, but rather it is a serum that you use with your toothbrush just like you would with general toothpaste.

The V34 color corrector is meant to supplement the many teeth-whitening treatments sold by Glorysmile. This serum helps to brighten boring, white teeth while balancing out yellow undertones.

The V34 color corrector may be used after or before teeth whitening, anyway, the firm states that it works best when used after.

Glorysmile V34 color corrector

How does it work?

The V34 color corrector works by using the brand special color-correcting technology. It counter-balances the different hues in your teeth by boosting their brightness and concealing stains. It can also be used as a brightening boost in addition to daily toothpaste for a brighter smile daily.

V34 is a post-whitening treatment that restores neutralizes and brightness tones on the tooth surface. It works to brighten teeth by utilising colour correcting technology. By counter-balancing the various hues in your teeth, V34 conceals stains and better brightness.

Like purple shampoo, the V34 colour corrector brightens teeth by utilizing color-correcting technology. It counter-balances the various hues in your teeth, helping conceal stains and better their brightness.

How to use the V34 color corrector?

The v34 is top used as a post-whitening treatment, according to the firm. Glorysmile advises using it after a PAP+ whitening session.

Anyway, it is still powerful enough to get rid of yellow undertones on teeth, meaning you can use it every day or even before an event.

So, how do you actually use the V34 color corrector? Here is how if you pick the serum or the foam:

·         Apply 2 little pumps of the item to a soft bristle toothbrush.

·         Brush in a circular motion for at least 2 minutes.

·         Do not swallow the gel but instead split it out.

·         Do not rinse your mouth with water

If you favor the power is instead, the process is a pretty different:

·         Wet your toothbrush and shake off any extra water.

·         Dip your toothbrush into the powder jar, so that bristles are evenly covered.

·         Brush fully for thirty seconds

·         Expel and rinse mouth and toothbrush after use

·         Gradually brush away any excess colour.


·         The item operates on top technology. It makes use of colour correction technology which is safe for every person.

·         The item can be used in a range of ways. There is no wiring needed for this item. The water-soluble dye made it easy to apply.

·         A number of YouTube channels have reviewed the item and have shared videos of unboxing.

·         Many sites have posted positive V34 color corrector reviews. Shopping platforms have shared reviews of the item. Further, the official site has published favorable reviews.

·         Apart from the official site, it is accessible through other online stores.


Is V34 color corrector gluten-free?

Yes. According to the list of ingredients for the V34 color corrector, as provided by the firm, there are no animal items used in its making.

Should you brush your teeth after V34 color corrector?

No, it is not advised to brush your teeth quickly after using the V34 color corrector, on the flip side, it is best to brush your teeth before using the color corrector. This is because you should not rinse your mouth after using it.

Does Glorysmile actually work?

Yes, it does. Glorysmile uses the modern color-correcting technology in the V34. The V34 color corrector reviews also show that the consumers are usually happy with the item.


The V34 color corrector is a successful way to quickly make teeth appear whiter, whether you have got a special event, or you use it every day to complement a previous or current teeth whitening treatment or routine.

Bear in mind that this item does not actually erase stains – instead, it makes the look of yellow teeth. For this reason, we advise this brand to combine the V34 color corrector with their PAP+ teeth whitening system for top results.

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