What is the best teeth whitening pen

by:GlorySmile     2023-06-24

It's not uncommon for people to feel insecure about their teeth. Social media's popularity has only made people more conscious of their looks, and teeth whitening has now become a popular cosmetic product. Today, a wide array of teeth whitening products are available in the market, making it difficult for people to choose the best one for them. Among the most popular products are teeth whitening pens- an affordable and quick way to whiten teeth.

So, what is a teeth whitening pen? How does it work? Which is the best teeth whitening pen for you? This article will answer all your questions.

What is a teeth whitening pen?

Teeth whitening pens are small and slim brush applicators containing gel that bleaches teeth. The applicator tip is designed to brush on the gel onto the teeth effortlessly. Depending on the product, the pen may be a twist and apply mechanism, or just a click and apply. Teeth whitening pens come in different strengths of peroxide, depending on the level of whiteness you're looking for.

How does it work?

Teeth whitening pens contain bleaching agents that interact with the particles resulting in the yellowing stains. The two most common bleaching agents used are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The pen releases the active ingredient onto the teeth's surface through the applicator, which then breaks down and lightens the stains. Compared to the traditional teeth bleaching method that uses light or laser, the teeth whitening pen is more affordable and quicker with impressive results.

Now, let's dive deeper into the characteristics of the best teeth whitening pen

1. Strength of bleaching agent

Different teeth whitening pens contain different levels of bleaching agents, and understanding this is essential. The amount of peroxide in the gel varies between 6%-35%. Those with a higher concentration deliver a more significant whitening effect. However, high levels of peroxide may expose the teeth to sensitivity and harm the enamel of the teeth. When choosing a teeth whitening pen, consider a lower concentration if you have sensitive teeth and gums or opt for a hydrogen peroxide-based pen, which is less harsh.

2. Ingredients used

It is noteworthy to pay attention to the ingredients used in the teeth whitening pen. A high-quality pen has fewer chemicals and harsh substances, making it safe to use. The best teeth whitening pen should contain natural ingredients such as baking soda, coconut oil, and activated charcoal. These ingredients naturally whiten teeth and are gentle, leaving the teeth's surface smooth and bright.

3. Ease of use

The best teeth whitening pen should be easy to use, with a foolproof design that even people who have never used it before can understand the instructions. It should have an applicator that does not require outside tools or assistance to apply. Consider the size of the pen, holding it, and the brush applicator's shape.

4. Time for visible results

Different teeth whitening pens work at varying speeds, and it is essential to understand your preference. Some take 2-3 minutes to show visible results, while others take more than ten minutes. Some pens work in just one use, while others may require several applications before visible results. Choose a pen with quick visible results if you're looking for instant whitening before a special event.

5. Cost

The cost of a teeth whitening pen varies depending on the brand, quality, and quantity. A high-quality pen does not necessarily mean incurring higher costs. Similarly, a low-cost pen does not mean it's of inferior quality. Do your research and understand what works best for you.


Teeth whitening pens are an effortless and affordable way to achieve a brighter smile. Choosing the best teeth whitening pen requires careful consideration of the bleaching agent's strength, ingredients, ease of use, time for visible results, and cost. Always remember to follow the instructions carefully and not overuse the products to avoid damaging your teeth and gums. With the discussed factors in mind, finding the best teeth whitening pen for you will be a walk in the park.

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