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What Is Teeth Whitening Foam?

What Is Teeth Whitening Foam?


Glorysmile teeth whitening foam is non-peroxide, advanced, oxygen-infused teeth whitening foam designed to deliver strong, gentle, longer-lasting results. The product features a creative new technology that removes stains and whitens teeth safely and quickly using a foaming formulation that penetrates better than any gel or paste. The system gives you a very successful method for cleaning and whitening your teeth without the need for messy trays or hard strips. Just brush your teeth with this creative non-peroxide foam system and experience user-friendly, problem-free white results that will leave you smiling.

How it works

Glorysmile teeth whitening foam for kids helps to remove enamel surface stains from your teeth using foaming detergent action. With lots of the same ingredients as leading toothpastes, this proprietary “oxygen infused” foam is clinically verified to penetrate those hard to reach spaces between teeth and other places that standard gels and pastes are too thick to clean. This non-peroxide whitening foam gets rid of both sub-surface and surface stains better and quicker than leading whitening gels and pastes that are too thick to match the performance of foam.

Glorysmile teeth whitening foam

Why is it different from other leading teeth whitening foams for kids?

Teeth whitening foam toothpaste features professional patented bleaching technology in mixture with effective scrubbing bubbles for quicker results without the discomfort or pain that is typical for many traditional teeth whitening products. This low hydrogen peroxide whitening foam get rid of both sub-surface and surface stains better and quicker than leading whitening gels and pastes that are too thick to match the performance of foam.

Two-part cleaning and tooth whitening foam

Creative whitening formula foam product is made of a very thin liquid that is thickened only with air. So, as the foam collapses back into a thin liquid, it penetrates quickly into surface stains of the enamel for quicker results.

For best results: Use on teeth once in the morning and once at night. Follow instructions on each container. Do not use it more than three times daily. Do not use it for more than 3 weeks every 6 months. Results guessed in 1-3 weeks. Results may vary.

Teeth whitening foam provides you professional whitening and cleaning results, acting as a successful stain remover to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile.

Over activated charcoal powder can also be used to make brighter teeth and remove deep-set staining so you can still enjoy a cup of coffee and tea or glass of red wine without hesitating about the impact on your teeth.


Is teeth whitening safe for children?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has confirmed that research involving teeth whitening in kids is insufficient to answer, therefore cannot advise teeth whitening treatments as safe for kids and teens under age fifteen. An organization specializing in kids health and safety, advising waiting until the age of eighteen before considering teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening products on kid’s teeth can result in:

● Dentin demineralization

● Increased teeth sensitivity

● Variations in tooth color

There is also an important worry that teeth whitening products can simply be misused by teens or children.

Powerful chemicals used in teeth whitening agents can:

● Destroy gum tissue

● Injure tooth nerves or pulp

● Cause disintegration/or enamel pitting

● Interfere with plastic or composite fillings (whitening treatments do not work on fillings, crowns, or veneers).

No teeth whitening product should be used before tooth pulp is completely formed and all the permanent teeth have fully erupted, which generally happens by age 12 or 13. Enamel calcification then takes about two more years. Any whitening treatment administered before this time has the potential to destroy the teeth if not closely supervised by a dental professional. Overuse is another consideration, as teen adolescents may try to intensify or hasten the whitening process by leaving products on longer than advised or using them too frequently. Studies present that overuse of whitening products can result in over oxidation, which may damage tooth structure.

Teeth discoloration in kids may be caused by:

● Vitamins or iron supplements

● Injury to a tooth

● Early/decay childhood caries

● Medications, such as antibiotics

Alternative to teeth whitening treatments in children

Since neither high focus of hydrogen peroxide or green light treatments have not been studied fully enough for children use, stains prevention is the safest way to keep your kids teeth white.

Tips to stop staining or treat minimal existing stains contain:

Avoid drinks and foods that unnecessarily stain teeth

Fruit sodas, colas, and candy laden with dyes can immediately stain teeth if used frequently. Creating a bubbly drink with amazing water and fruit can serve as a substitute to surgery sodas. Coffee is also becoming a big contributor to stained teeth in teens and adolescents.

Use whitening toothpaste and foam

Just brushing teeth fully at least twice per day will help stop staining. If you feel it is necessary, brushing with a mild whitening toothpaste and foam is much gentler than bleaching the teeth. Be sure to check with your dentist to make sure that the whitening product is safe and right for your child’s teeth.


How do I use whitening foam?

Follow instructions linked with the foam packaging, brush your teeth with one pump of the cleaner and brush for one minute to make sure clean teeth, free from many food particles and other bad bacteria. Repeat this process with the whitening foam for a whiter, brighter smile. We also have the option of toothpaste tablets.

Can I use this everyday?

Yes, the formulations were developed for everyday use up to 3 times a day.

Do I need to rinse between steps?

Now, you can use whitening foam quickly after the dental cleaning foam.

How long do I need to brush for each step?

Brush for around 1 minute for each step of the process.

How long can I use without stopping?

We suggest only using it continuously for three weeks every six months.

Can I eat quickly after using the foam?

You should reject drink and food for at least fifteen minutes after using the Glorysmile whitening foam.




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