We Now Have Many Choices To Whiten Our Teeth

by:GlorySmile     2020-05-22
We now have so many choices as consumers on the way that we can improve the look of our teeth with teeth whitening products that we can do at home. Whether you want teeth whitening in Atlanta or live in any other city in this country you want to become a very aware shopper and know which over the counter home products are the best for you and your family. Let's look at a few of the products that are now available. The first product, which is the very least inexpensive, are teeth whitening strips. This is a relatively new invention where you put thin plastic sheets, that usually have hydrogen peroxide inside, and this substance bleaches your teeth. You want to get the full effectiveness of this product so leave it on for at least 15 minutes but under one hour. Also, you need to continue to apply these strips for one to two weeks. These whitening strips warn the consumer to keep the hydrogen peroxide solution from your gums. I find this basically impossible because of the saliva that is dripping on these strips and then go down to your gums. They are fairly effective though when used correctly. Other types of teeth whitening treatments you can do in your house include tray bleaching gels. This is one of the oldest whitening products and was first introduced in the late 1980's. What you do is place the bleaching gels into the formed plastic trays and leave them on top of your teeth from one to two hours. This is a more expensive whitening product because you need to custom fit these plastic trays every time that you use the bleaching gels. Some people don't like this product because it is the messiest. The tray bleaching gel does work effectively when used in large amounts because they cover all the teeth with this peroxide solution. To get the most effective whitening you must keep these trays firmly fitted around your teeth. This product produced very good results. The third product, that was the least beneficial, is teeth whitening toothpastes. Although each manufacturer has their own special chemicals in their products and many have two basic components: a light abrasion to polish the teeth and secondly a lightening agent such as hydrogen peroxide teeth. For people that want instant results this is not the procedure that we recommend because it can take from six to twelve months to notice a difference! There are many benefits to these teeth whitening products, but like any product the buyer has to be aware of potential problems. Some readily available whitening products contain properties that can damage teeth enamel with prolonged use. An example, the glycerin products are notorious for causing prolonged tooth sensitivity. For many years dentists recommend that each individual thinking of using teeth whitening systems should only do so after consulting with their dentist. Remember to be especially careful with foods and liquids that actually can stain teeth, such as: red wine, coffee and tobacco. These experts are not suggesting that one should not enjoy these items, but you will want to brush your teeth to avoid staining your pearly whites.
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