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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-27
Speaking of new products, there have been some favorable reviews coming in about a new trend of tooth bleaching kits - the mint cosmetics. While these are fairly new in the domain, there can be no denying the fact that they have caught the attention of critics as well as consumers online. This is evident by the fact that they are selling well on the web too. So what is the secret behind the breaking ground? Well, let's find out! First up, curiosity has made many a consumer try out the mint cosmetics as a new natural teeth whitening kit from the range of choices they have. While other tooth bleaching products use the conventional cleansing agent hydrogen peroxide, mint cosmetics use sodium bicarbonate to clean the enamel. This may seem like an ingenious plan but it has been used before, albeit dropped because of reasons we will explain later. However, this novel approach to natural teeth whitening has had many folks looking for the product online - which explains the word of mouth publicity. Secondly, the kind of USP that the mint cosmetics are riding on is more deviated towards being safe than effective. The sodium bicarbonate used in the mint cosmetic products is a much milder cleansing agent than the usual hydrogen peroxide, which makes it a safe bet for people with sensitive teeth, gums or the interior walls of one's mouth. However, as much as it is a 'safe' product, it has downsides to this USP too. The impact from these cleansing agent laced mint cosmetics product is much less than that of other conventionally reputed home teeth whitening kits. This is because the cleansing agent sodium bicarbonate is milder than the rest of the conventionally used agents. Another downside of this is that it takes a lot of time to improve the whiteness of your teeth - again because of the mild nature of the cleansing agent. The amount that is shipped with every kit is much less than that of Dental White or similar products. While mint cosmetics provides for 12ml/cc in each kit, other products like Smile4You and similar natural teeth whitening kits offer up to 120ml/cc! While you can still enjoy other teeth whitening kits, home tooth bleaching may not be so effective with mint cosmetics in the long-run, even though it is much safer than the other products in question!
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