Tray Whitening kits are available over-the-counter

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-18
Dentist-supervised tray whitening kits are very effective because of the higher concentration of the bleaching agent. The major difference between in-office and at-home teeth whitening is the longer duration of the at-home treatment. But the final results between the two treatments may not be significantly different. Therefore, many patients prefer at-home procedure because they can perform it in the comfort of their own home, and it is usually more affordable than in-office treatment. At-home tray whitening kits are now widely accepted because many experts believe that a slightly lower concentration of the bleaching agent in the at-home option is not a bad thing for the teeth. A prolonged procedure over a period of about two weeks is preferable because it whitens the teeth gently, without causing any damage to the tooth enamel. At the same time, the relatively lower cost of at-home procedure is an added incentive for many patients. Over-the-counter kits are usually not recommended by teeth whitening dentists because of their poor concentration of the bleaching agent. Secondly, the mouth trays in this case are not custom-made for the patient's teeth, which can result in the solution spreading out and losing its effectiveness. It may also cause tooth sensitivity in some patients. Some of the new over-the-counter teeth whitening kits offer 'boil and bite' customized trays that are made of malleable materials. However, even with these trays the results may not be as effective as with a dentist-supervised procedure.
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