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Toothpaste tablets - one of Glorysmile's best-selling products

Toothpaste tablets - one of Glorysmile's best-selling products


How do I use Toothpaste tablets? 

These toothpaste tablets are made of anhydrous powder pressed into tablets. You just need to put the tablet in your mouth and chew it into a paste and brush as usual. Spearmint flavor, breath.

Dazzling white teeth

Looking for ways to get rid of tooth stains? Use Glorysmile mouthwash tablets for the clean, shiny whites you've always dreamed of. These whitening toothpaste tablets ensure deep cleaning.

Fluoride - Toothpaste free 

Luolan Mint mouthwash tablets. Fluoride-free chewing toothpaste that won't damage your teeth and gums. Glorysmile cares about your dental health!


Our sustainable toothpaste bite is not only good for your teeth, it's good for the planet. Our natural toothpaste labels come in compact and reusable packaging that is plastic-free and reduces our carbon footprint.

Travel Pack toothpaste 

Since there is no liquid involved, you can carry them on the flight without taking up the liquid limit. Toothpaste in pill form is perfect for carrying around and saving space in your dressing box.

Flavors and shapes

Glorysmile currently comes in 4 flavors, mint, Black charcoal, Cherry and V34, square and round, if you need a large quantity, we can customize the flavor and shape to suit your needs!

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