There is no doubt that first impressions count

by:GlorySmile     2020-05-24
Why do teeth become stained? Tooth discoloration is a common issue. The first teeth that sprout in babies are the whitest. Aging causes discoloration for various reasons. This can be internal or external, including: If there are teeth to be restored before whitening, Tampa dentists can also fix crowns in 1 day, enabling healthy white teeth. Here is a brief look at different types of whitening procedures. At your dentist's office Professional whitening is a common procedure where the dentist applies whitening agents to the teeth and transforms them safely with a single visit making them significantly brighter. Tooth sensitivity, if any, as a result of the treatment is handled by the dentist with ease. The effects of the procedure last at least a year, if not more, based on how well the teeth are taken care of and maintained. Whitening at home with over the counter products This method is economical and easy to use in the convenience of one's home without the dentist's intervention. Options include: Regardless of the method used, teeth whitening must be done regularly to enjoy sustained results. The most effective of the treatments listed above is the in-office method by the dentist, as it can result in making teeth up to eight shades brighter. Also, the dentist makes an assessment of the teeth's present condition, taking into account any previous dental work, if any, to recommend the most suitable procedure.
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