There can be no better accessory than a pretty white smile

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-08
The first step in the procedure comprises of a clean up of the teeth. This will help eliminate any debris stuck in between or on the teeth which can hinder the whitening procedure. Cleaning the teeth before the treatment can also help remove plaque which tends to hide in and around the gum line. After a thorough cleaning, a strong bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. In most cases, this gel is made of hydrogen peroxide making it a far more effective whitening agent when compared to the gels found in 'do-at-home' whitening kits. During the application, the mouth of the patient is kept wide open using a special device. This ensures full exposure of the teeth. To make sure the laser does not burn the gums and lips, a petroleum jelly-based product or Vaseline is applied. While a professional dentist will be extremely precautious about this, exposure may cause some sensitivity or irritation in the gum during the procedure and afterwards. The final step of the procedure is to get the bleaching gel to start working. The gel is made up of tiny crystals which carry out the whitening procedure. The gel is activated through exposure to the laser light. Based on the severity and the type of the stain, the dentist will decide how long the teeth are to be exposed. For example, the stains caused by antibiotics are more difficult to remove when compared to those caused by coffee. While the treatment can be finished within a single sitting, the dentist in Rose hill may recommend more visits in case the stain is stronger and more difficult to remove. As is the case with any dental treatment, choosing a dentist with a successful track record and elaborate experience can help assure you of high quality results!
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