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by:GlorySmile     2020-05-23
Let's answer these two questions here on our article to help you win the teeth whitening debate once and for all. First up, products and brands claiming that they are the safest and yet pretty affordable and thus better than cosmetic dentists are usually right - mainly because they charge a fortune less than the latter and yet teeth whitening kits can deliver almost equal results. While a lot of dentists have tried to revert the situation by intentionally maligning rival products while getting paid by the engaging brand, they have failed miserably - especially as products like crest white strips and mint cosmetics have not been able to capitalize on such opportunities. While you may be wondering why some of the alternative products and methodologies are being touted as safe when the conventional teeth whitening kits can do the same work in lesser time and with much better precision and yet be safe - this is all a marketing gimmick to help sell products that are inferior or powerless against stubborn stains on the enamel! The second factor that tackles the price fad is also an important one to read through. Unless you have been advised by neutral dentists or doctors to use only herbal products and not hydrogen peroxide, you need to use the latter and not some organic alternative products or methods! This is because while the newer products or brands trying and make the devil out of hydrogen peroxide, it is much safer than that. Perceived as the best tooth bleaching gel in history, hydrogen peroxide is better than sodium bicarbonate (the alternative and deemed 'safer' cleansing agent from newer brands and manufacturers) - and thus have been used in almost all teeth whitening kits till now. Therefore, with more and more products coming into the domain and proclaiming whatever they use as a cleansing agent as the safest ever - are wrong! Add to this the fact that most of the teeth whitening kits that provide crest white strips or mint cosmetics as brand names are usually priced way higher than the conventional kits - and you have the answer to what you need for your perfect smile! With more applications and a longer time required to cleanse the stains off your smile, mint cosmetics can be some of the most laggard of tooth bleaching products in the industry today, and conventional kits win hands down from here. If you want to find out the truth behind top-notch safety, the moulds provided with conventional teeth whitening kits will help alleviate your fears - for they showcase what safety while getting you a perfect smile should be - AND IS!
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