There are several alternatives of teeth whitening

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-10
Laser whitening treatment is also for people with sensitive teeth and who cannot whiten their teeth with other means, and for people who have deep staining as a result of taking medications such as tetracycline. The advantage of professional tooth whitening over home treatments is that you have a variety of ten shades. Cosmetics dentists use different types of lasers and applications. However, there are common things involved in laser whitening procedures. How laser whitening works is that the patient is asked to clean their upper and lower teeth of surface plaque. Thereafter, a gel meant to whiten is applied to the teeth and then the lasers are focused on the teeth. During this procedure the patient is always given protective eye wear to prevent eye damage from the lasers. In laser whitening the dentists usually apply a peroxide gel over the teeth and uses lasers in form of a blue spectrum in order to activate the gel. The compound containing peroxide is used by the dentists because it breaks down the pigments in the teeth into colorless byproducts. The dentist usually inserts a dental dam to prevent the peroxide compound from burning the mouth and then shines the blue for about an hour. The light module of the lasers is typically formed to fit the shape of the mouth. This way it is possible to focus the light on the teeth. The desired effect and the patients tooth sensitivity often determine the amount of time a patient will be exposed to the lasers. The light then activates a substance meant to whiten, penetrating the tooth enamel and removing the stains to whiten the tooth's appearance. The actual time laser whitening takes to work will depend on the amount of discoloration. However, most lasers work in as little as an hour. There are some practices that specialize in laser whitening; however, general dentists often offer this treatment. The laser whitening procedure can whiten a person's tooth with as much as ten shades and just one visit is required to achieve desired results. In addition, the side effects are minimal and may just include tooth sensitivity. The laser whitening procedures are faster and very effective. This treatment will give you dazzling, clean teeth to flaunt a beautiful and charming smile. This is the reason why many people are indulging in this trend nowadays and this is earning the dental industry a lot through this procedure. Age and lifestyle are a contributory factor for discoloration but, to live a healthy lifestyle you should give much importance to tooth whitening. There are many products available in the market that will whiten your teeth, nevertheless, for a lasting solution you should go for laser whitening which is effective and does not take a lot of time.
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