There are millions ways of how you can whiten your teeth

by:GlorySmile     2020-05-27
1. WHAT ARE CREST WHITESTRIPS? These are mainly a teeth whitening strip that comes in two pairs. There are one for the upper and one for the lower pair. It contains peroxide solutions that are effective in whitening the teeth up to 11 times. 2. WHAT IS THE WORKING PROCEDURE OF THE STRIP? It comes with two strips - for the front teeth set only. You need to place the gooey side over your teeth and fold back the extra part, to ensure a proper fixation. Just leave it for around 30 minutes and your work will get done. 3. WHAT IS THE COMFORTABLE LEVEL OFFERED FOR THE USERS? It has got nothing that can make you feel uncomfortable. You just need to be a bit conscious while placing it, be sure that it does not touch your gum. It is very comfortable, and if you seek to use the night version of crest, you can also get a nap with the strip on your teeth. 4. WHAT ARE THE COSTS OF THESE STRIPS? The cost of the strips varies with the varied percentage of peroxide solution used for the purpose. However I can assure you that it is not going to burn your pocket. You can afford it easily if you can save bucks by skipping one Saturday night out. 5. WHAT IS THE PROPORTION OF PEROXIDE USED? The proportion of peroxide used for the strip varies a lot. Previously it used around 6%. But now the percentage has risen up to 35%. So it is the users' choice to get the one that suits his needs. However try to choose somewhat between 22%, otherwise you may experience burning sensation. 6. WHO CAN USE THE CREST WHITE STRIPS? It can be used by anyone crossing his teens, but do remember that it can work on yellow stains only and is totally ineffective on grey stains, or stains that has caused due to medications or ageing, or artificial teeth, however you can soak your dentures overnight in a solution of baking soda overnight to whiten it. 7. WHAT IS THE EFFECTIVENESS OF CREST WHITESTRIPS? It is very effective on yellow stained teeth, and you can get effective results within 3 days. However a touch up is needed when you find faint stains over your teeth. 8. WHAT SHOULD BE THE TIME GAP IN BETWEEN TWO USES? The effect of the strip can remain for around a year. But you can think of TOUCH UP, if you feel it is in need. 9. WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS OR DRAWBACKS OF CREST WHITE STRIPS? The main drawback of the strip is that it works only over the front teeth, so you may come across a problem with your back teeth. But in such case, you can also use whitening gel for your back teeth. If it gets touched with the gum, it can give you a burning sensation. 10. WHAT ARE THE PRECAUTIONS THAT IS TO BE TAKEN? Though there is no precaution, but you must be very careful while applying the strip, so that your gums do not come in direct contacts with peroxide. Wash your mouth at once if you feel any burning sensation. And, if you have teeth sensitivity, consult a dentist before applying peroxide.
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