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by:GlorySmile     2020-05-27
Mint cosmetics have started off a new trend that puts the hydrogen peroxide out of business and out of kits too. The alternative cleansing agent is sodium bicarbonate that is being used in products like Crest White Strips and Mint Cosmetics, which have had considerable limelight in the recent years. However, staying in the limelight and retaining the positive vibe about your products is not something that can come easy. This is the same with Mint Cosmetics and similar products online. So why is the uproar created by these products sure to fizzle out soon? Well, check out some of the reasons here - Well, to start off, the mild cleansing agent is the main problem for the Crest White Strips and similar products. While hydrogen peroxide may be crass on people with sensitive gums, the moulds offered with the kits keep the cleansing agent from being spilled on to the gums or the interiors of the mouth. So the fact that the safety first USP is the biggest advantage of Mint Cosmetics is a myth, as the difference in treatment is only minor, and often ends up being the same as far as safety is concerned. Regarding the impact and whiteness of the enamel of the teeth after application of the Crest White Strips, the hydrogen peroxide often cleans up the teeth better and faster than the milder sodium bicarbonate. This is because often stains and discolouring caused by alcoholism or cigarettes and bad hygiene are harder to remove than just simple scaling of the teeth. This is why a harder cleansing agent does the trick of restoring the white smile back on your faces better than the milder counterparts, including Mint Cosmetics. The easiest answer why you shouldn't be depending much on Mint Cosmetics or Crest White Strips is because they would take larger applications of the product on your teeth, for longer periods of time and for a lengthy period of treatment time. What this translates to is effectively more products to buy and more money to spend - which negates any calls for affordability that is brought to the table by Mint Cosmetics. If you are looking for an alternative way to enjoy teeth whitening and not use the conventional home teeth whitening kits that are available online, it is better to keep brushing and stay on the right side of good oral hygiene - because Mint Cosmetics are not only expensive but also completely over-rated, quite akin to Crest white Strips. The best answer to stained and discoloured smiles is still the natural teeth whitening kits - and the booming business they are doing vindicates the fact!
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