The Answer to a Brighter Smile Could Be Whitening

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-26
There are many people that don't like their teeth simply because they just don't have the shining smile they've dreamed of. Many of the things we enjoy eating and drinking can contribute to dull teeth: red wine, coffee, and tea are culprits. Some folks have dingy teeth as an accident of birth. You have probably considered whitening your teeth if they aren't quite as gleaming as you would like. Getting older also causes teeth to discolor. You can look years younger by simply whitening your teeth. Those people who determine that they need to whiten their teeth will schedule an appointment with their dentist. The procedure that your dentist will carry out consists of an impression taken of your top and bottom teeth. These are then sent off to a laboratory. The dental laboratory takes your impression models and makes a cast identical to your teeth. Trays are then made of a thin, plastic material. Then these trays will be returned to your dentist. Your dentist will then show you how to apply the mold and instruct you on proper usage of the kit. It's nothing more than squirting some whitening gel, using the syringes included, into the sections of the teeth you want whiten. Then you put the trays in your mouth before bed and wear them overnight. Keep doing this until your are satisfied with the color. In most cases people get instant results, and the entire process only takes about 2 to 3 weeks to reach your goal. If the discoloration is caused by tetracycline or fleurosis, the process will take much longer-- up to six months. If further dentistry work is to be done after the teeth have been whitened, a patient should schedule this at least two weeks after the whitening is complete. This ensures color stablilization. Once you reach your whitening goal, you might never have to whiten again. Be assured that your white teeth will last, there has been much research done on the topic, and in most cases patients retain their white teeth for years to come. Keep in mind that you might experience mild sensitivity issues during the treatment. In most cases, the sensitivity remains at a bearable level and disappears once the treatment is done. The patient may find that utilizing Sensodyne toothpaste aids with the sensitivity. In addition to the professional whitening treatments you can get from your dentist, there are a number of safe over-the-counter teeth whitening products available. But while considered safe, there are questions regarding their effectiveness. Most of these products can get you a slight whitening effect and reduce some stains, however they generally won't give you that lift in shade you're looking for. If you want an at-home kit, mold able mouth trays and plastic strips are recommended. These can be expensive, but they are the components that will provide you with a better fit. Patients should steer away from any staining substances for the next two weeks after having their teeth treated. Cigarettes, tea, coffee, and red wine should be avoided. If you experience sensitivity, pain, or irritation of the gums while undergoing whitening treatments, contact your dentist as soon as possible.
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