Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-26
There are various whitening toothpastes available to serve the purpose. These whitening pastes helps in getting rid of the stains the enamel of the teeth due to smoking, drinking or eating. There are various formula based on which these pastes are formulated. So it is advised to use those pastes that are fluoride based. It will not only help in Teeth Whitening but will also be helpful in strengthening the teeth. Though these whiteners may not be able to seep into the inner level of the stain and may probably fail to change the color of your teeth but to a certain extent, it will be helpful in improving the overall appearance of the teeth. Besides the toothpastes, there are also whitening strips and gels available. The gels are peroxide based and when applied to the teeth directly act as a teeth whitener. However, not all types of gels are recommended for home use. Using them can be a bit fussy and sometimes it may cause irritation to the gums. It can even affect the sensitivity of the teeth. The whitening strips are more or less like the adhesive strips and contains peroxide based gels that act as a whitener. The result of using it may last for 4 months or so. Though it may sometimes cause irritation if not used properly however these means are one of the most inexpensive and non-time consuming method. There are also whitening kits available that you can use on your own at home. Using these kits will be greatly helpful in saving a lot of your budget. However, you must ensure that the kit you are using is medically approved. The result of using whitening toothpastes, kits, strips and gels may vary. When strips and gels may last give you result that may last up to 4 months, a whitening kit may produce result that will last for 2 years.
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