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Team Field Development Training

Team Field Development Training


Dent Technology Co., Ltd. organized a field development activity. Time passed quickly, but the implications were far-reaching.

This outdoor development training deeply touched me and benefited me a lot. Although it was only a short day, I understood the true meaning of "team", understood what a team is, what is communication, and what is collaboration, and how to unite and cooperate and motivate each other.

This is a journey that shocks the soul, it is the tempering of everyone's soul, and our soul has been sublimated. It enables us to re-recognize and experience the power of team spirit, and also stimulates our personal potential, so that it has been fully released, and strengthened the courage and confidence to challenge ourselves.

Every training in the expansion has made every team member of the team more courageous and overcome all kinds of difficulties. During the expansion activities, I deeply realized the importance of the team, and at the same time, I also learned how to break through the limits of my heart. Expansion training is short-lived, and the impact is far-reaching.

1. Listen: first listen to understand what the other party is saying;

2. Ordering: Information must be communicated in place, accurate and correct in any arrangement, and to confirm whether the other party has correctly understood it;

3. Execution: When setting the rules, clarify the responsibilities and get everyone's response. After everyone agrees, they will be implemented immediately, and they must be strictly implemented and continued;

4. Team: learn from each other's strengths, have the same goals, give full play to collective strength, overcome all difficulties, and achieve the ultimate goal;

5. Goal: After the goal is established, it is necessary to act immediately, and use action to complete it with heart and concentration.

We have also learned a lesson from the failure: in the work, various departments need to communicate and share information, and need to cooperate and coordinate with each other to make our team invincible in the fierce market competition.

This outreach activity gave me a deep understanding of what team spirit is, and at the same time, I learned how to break through my own mental barriers. One jump and one fall gave me a big leap, which strengthened my courage and belief. I believe in the team again. In the future work, be aggressive and make progress together!

Only through unity and cooperation can we succeed; the importance of "rules" and "mentality", without rules, there is no circle, without a good mentality, there will be no success; pay attention to methods, division of labor and coordination, effective communication and execution, everything can be solved .

One expansion, one growth, and the experience of expansion make us understand that the cohesion of the team is infinite. There is no reason to do the best; there is no excuse to do the best; to do the best according to the requirements; to persevere and do the best it is good!

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