Suffering from toothache is indeed a terrible experience

by:GlorySmile     2020-07-03
Salt And Pepper Salt-pepper mix is another remedy that has long been used to reduce toothaches. Mix equal amounts of salt and pepper with several drops of water to make a paste. This remedy can be directly placed over the painful tooth and allow to sit for a few minutes. Clove Oil/Cloves These natural remedies can effectively alleviate toothache. They are used since the early days when modern medicine has not yet invented medications for toothaches. Clove oil has antiseptic properties that can reduce infection and therefore decrease the intensity of pains. Clove and the oil derived from it can be applied directly on the pain-causing cavities or other areas where the aches have generated. Up to two drops of oil will be enough to use. Garlic It is also another readily-available ingredient in your kitchen that can relieve toothaches. Garlic contains a chemical substance allicin that has antibiotic properties that can delay effects of bacterial infection. Apply a crushed clove of garlic on the affected cavity or tooth. Wheatgrass Juice It is another natural remedy that stops the aches and also reverses the process of tooth decay. It can act as a natural antibiotic that expels toxins that are possibly present in the gums. As a result, the infection is stopped from spreading; and efficiently halts the pain. This juice can be used as a natural mouthwash that you can gargle. You may also directly chew on some wheatgrass. Onion It contains antiseptic abilities that alleviate toothache. Chew raw onion for about three minutes. If chewing is quite painful, you can just place a decent piece of onion on the affected tooth. Guava Leaves Many tropical cultures around the world actually use guava leaves to relieve toothaches. You may choose to chew up to two leaves until sufficient liquid has been extracted from them. You may also boil about five leaves in a pot of water. Let this concoction cool down and then add a few bits of salt. Use it as a natural mouthwash by swishing it around the mouth. Swish it effectively in your mouth to ensure the liquid reaches the painful tooth. Spinach Spinach offers an effect similar to that of guava leaves. You can also chew on a fresh spinach leaf just as you do with the guava leaves. Alternatively, you can also crush the spinach to make a paste and then apply on the painful area. Vanilla Extract This ingredient is usually used in many sweet desserts that are known to cause tooth pains and decays. Nonetheless, it can also effectively ease your discomforts. Place up to four drops of vanilla extract on a cotton swab and place on the tooth to experience instant relief.
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