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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-18
There are so many products to choose from though, so how do you know which one to choose? Here are some helpful guidelines that will aid you in selecting the best home teeth whitening kit for your needs. Use it to help you choose the best product for you. You can begin your search for the perfect product by talking to your oral care professional. He or she can help you decide which whether you are a good candidate for the whitening process as well as which one would be most successful for you. If you have highly sensitive teeth, fillings or crowns on your front teeth, or grayish staining you are probably not a good candidate for home teeth whitening and should see your dentist for other options to correct your smile. Check Teeth Whitening Reviews. This is a great place to look at products. Teeth whitening reviews feature actual comments and testimonials from real users. They can attest to the results of these products based on their own experiences. It is best to look at a third party site to take opinions as these are more like to be objective and unfiltered. Trays and Strips are Best. Peroxide is the key component in most teeth whiteners. It is a bleaching agent that forms foams up on tooth enamel and helps remove stains. The more concentrated the product is with peroxide, along with the amount of time the product is left on your teeth, theoretically, the whiter they become. We have all seen the ads for whitening toothpastes, and more recently even mouth washes. However, because these products don't stay on the teeth very long, they are not as effective as other methods. Pastes don't have the immediate results like trays or strips and will only whiten 2-3 shades while rinses have barely any impact on whitening. Brush-on products are hardly any better. These are whiteners that you paint onto your teeth that help you target only the surface area you want to focus on. These may seem ideal for consumers that have discoloration in certain areas or who have sensitive teeth. The problem is that saliva can dilute this product since there is nothing keeping it on the teeth. Strips and trays are most effective in home teeth whitening kits as they have higher concentrations of peroxide and can be left on longer. Strips are more pliable and have greater flexibility than 'one size fits all' trays, although, they can sometimes slip and be flimsy. The majority of these products suggest use for half an hour daily until you reach the shade of white you want.
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