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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-28
How is it working? The main principle of this product is to discharge the oxygen into oxide, a procedure that changes the pigment of your teeth, making them whiter. There are only 3 easy steps that you need to go through. Firstly, squeeze the top of the swab. After that, put it into the powder that whitens your teeth. At the end, apply it equally on all visible yellow surfaces of your teeth. How is it made? Teeth whitening products are a composition of two parts: powder and a solution. The powder contains tri hydroxide, magnesium and aluminum. The main function of the powder is to remove stains, yellow and darkened areas of teeth. The solution is inside the swab. It is made with FD and C Blue 1, methylparaben, water, propylparaben, glycerin, and peppermint flavor. Teeth whitening benefits There are several important benefits of teeth whitening products: * You have to follow only 3 steps, which can be done in just a minute. That's way it has an easy way to apply. * It is usually used at home, so you can save time and money from going frequently to the dentist. * Compared to bleaching, or other teeth whitening methods, this is a less expensive product. * It helps in plaque removal, cleaning the teeth. * Besides whitening, it also polishes the teeth.
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