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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-26
You can approach a cosmetic dentist who would help you get sparkling white teeth which you have always dreamt of. These dentists will suggest whitening toothpastes if the teeth colour can be changed with just the toothpaste. It would take at least 6 weeks to get back your teeth into the original colour provided you brush your teeth twice a day. The other way is to adopt some home remedies to improve your teeth colour. The dentists also implement a lot of procedures to improve the colour. There are various treatments that are offered by dentists such as Home Whitening, Power Whitening and Combination Whitening. It purely depends on the colour and condition of the teeth as to which teeth whitening treatment would be implemented. Every method brings out different results. The best results are achieved when you go for a dentist visit for instant whitening. To get quicker results, the dentists use concentrating bleaching agents on the teeth and additional protection is given to the gums and the surrounding tissues. The patient might need to go for more than one sitting to get the desired results. Usually laser whitening or a heating agent is used for quicker results and this treatment is known as chairside treatment. There is also a possibility for you to do a home bleaching. These agents are much milder than those used by the dentist. But one should know how exactly they have to be used. Or else your teeth would become sensitive. This bleach is applied on the teeth for two weeks for at least 4 to 6 hours a day. Without proper knowledge on how to apply this bleach, the teeth might become tender. There are a wide range of strips, trays, whitening agents and counter gels that are also used to improve the colour of the teeth. But the most popular teeth whitening methods these days is the laser whitening treatment. The dentist will anyways educate you on the process and how you would achieve the results. It is always advisable not to undergo any kind of treatments if your doctors advise to do so. There is a certain category of people who are not eligible for teeth whitening such as pregnant or lactating mothers, children below the age of sixteen, people with sensitive teeth and gums, people who have had prior dental treatments, people allergic to hydrogen peroxide and others who have gum diseases or cavity related problems.
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