Sexuality, amongst humans, is so diverse and dynamical

by:GlorySmile     2020-07-02
Here are some interesting expressions you've probably heard: 'I'm dining at the 'Y' tonight.' 'I have a sexual hunger that no single man can satisfy.' 'I couldn't take my eyes of off him, he was just so yummy.' 'I love eating my honey.' 'He was so sexy, I just wanted to devour him.' 'His sexual appetite is bottomless.' 'I craved her flavor and was just dying to eat her out.' 'She was one dish I'd had my eyes on for a long time, I knew she'd be a tasty treat.' 'I fed her every inch of my beef steak.' 'He was so cute, I just wanted to gobble him up.' 'I feasted on her luscious breasts.' Last but certainly not least, the lyrics from the song, 'You Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC: '[She] made a meal out of me and came back for more...' There seems to be a very clear link with sexuality and satisfying this sexual 'hunger.' After all, we use our mouths, even more than our genitals for sex. Our mouths are sexual organs we use to kiss, to lick, to taste, to bite, to drink, to nibble, to eat, to suck, and to devour our sexual partners, their sexual organs, and their sexual fluids. And why not? People love to eat good food. When we are hungry and we eat something, we feel satisfied and we feel full. Imagine a delicious meal, your favorite dish, and how fantastic it will taste. Eating such delicious foods is pleasurable. It feels great to eat wonderful food. Olfaction (smell) has something to do with it, too. Olfaction is clearly linked to taste. Just remember as a child what you did when you had to eat something that you didn't want to. What did you do? You pinched off your nose, opened your mouth, popped the offensive food in your mouth, chewed it, and ingested it. Blocking off the smell made the food more palatable, as you couldn't 'taste' it as much. Olfaction, not only has a lot to do with enhancing the flavor and attracting us to foods that we like, but also plays a large part in sex. How is that not surprising? We bathe to smell cleaner and more appealing. We apply perfumes to scent our bodies. We brush our teeth and use mouthwash to sweeten our breaths... Having a nice and pleasing scent is part of sexual attraction. But not just from these externally-applied scents. Our bodies produce our own scents and smells to attract partners. Pheromones are a great example of this. Personally, when I meet a woman I am really attracted to, there's nothing more I sexually desire than to place my head between her legs and smell her natural perfume. Time, quite literally, stops for me as I inhale her. This initial smell is so fantastic that it is indescribable. Then, having been so whetted, I proceed with oral sex. Of course, au naturel is preferred, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Some scents are attractive to some people, some are unattractive. The list is endless of bodily smells that turn people on and off. For example, some men like the smell of a woman's sweaty shoe, while other men aren't so keen on this odor. So, we know that smell is linked with enhancing the flavor of something we eat or drink. Just walk into the office canteen after someone has made some microwave popcorn. First you smell it, then you can actually taste it, and, in most cases, you wished you had a bag of it to eat for yourself! Having enough food to eat is one of the most basic needs people have. It's part of our survival. It's quite simple: Without food and water we die. This makes 'hunger' deeply wired into the most primal part of our brains. What's that saying... 'Nobody wants to make love when they're hungry.' That's certainly true. As infants, we are held to our mother's bosom and comforted. We feel safe, protected, and warm. As the infant sucks on his mother's nipple, he also curbs his cravings for hunger. Imagine an infant, who is completely powerless and helpless in the world, to feel the warmth and protection of his mother; while he is getting his belly filled and hunger cravings satisfied at the same time... No wonder it feels so good to eat. It takes us back to our first moments on this planet, moments when we were warm, safe, and protected. With no fears, no mortgage, no unemployment, and no bills. Along with eating and drinking, sex is also a part of our primal brains. We were designed to be highly sexual creatures. If we weren't we would fail to reproduce and our race would become extinct. This is how we are wired and it is an important aspect of our primal brains. Once our bellies are full, we want to fulfill our sexual appetite, too. With oral sex we are able to feel the nourishment, warmth, and comfort of our first meals as infants, we are able to satisfy our cravings for our sexually-based hunger, and we are able to truly become satiated, more so than by just food alone. Oral sex, then, is certainly that last piece of dessert that makes everything taste better and more fulfilling (that little reward that helps make life worth living). Oral sex, remember, is any form of sexuality your perform with your mouth. Be it kissing, sucking, or licking. What's even more fantastic is the use of scent and smells to further make our sexual meals even more delicious and appetizing. It's amazing what we take for granted in something that seems as simple as oral sex. We just go about our oral ways, without thinking much about the entire process, but there are a lots of things going on behind the sexual curtain that make it all possible. Which brings us to cannibalism (now, there's a change of subject!). This is the act where a member of a species eats, as food, their own species. Like a dog who would eat another dog, or, as we used to see in the old jungle and exploration Hollywood movies, with human beings who eat other human beings as a food source. According to the encyclopedia, cannibalism among humans was popular and quite widespread throughout the world up until the 19th century. So, if I perform oral sex on a woman and dine on her deliciousness, drink her wine, and absorb her juices into my own body, via my mouth, is this not a form of cannibalism? Am I not 'eating' and ingesting her? Sexual cannibalism, perhaps? After all, I am dining on her to satisfy my sexual hunger and to further quench my gastronomical hunger (as well as to please her, of course!). What if a woman swallows a man's seminal output after performing fellatio on him? What does that make her? This fluid will be broken down by her intestinal system and will be utilized to make new cells and tissue for her own use. Sexual Cannibalism, apparently, is a real event and has been scientifically defined. It is the act of one species (usually a female) that consumes her mate before, during, or after they have sex. Black Widow Spiders are an example. Of course, with natural-human oral sex, most of us want to come back for seconds, thirds, fourths, and so on; so we can't be classified as 'real' sexual cannibals, as we don't truly devour and actually 'eat' or sexual friends. We just like the way they taste. What do you taste like?
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