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Second Impression For More Perfect Impression

Second Impression For More Perfect Impression


    In clinics, the materials commonly used to make tooth models are alginate impression materials. When I was doing orthodontics, the doctor did it for me four times before it was successful, because the mixing time needs to be accurate, and bubbles will appear, which makes me feel very uncomfortable when the impression material is kept in your mouth for a certain period of time. , I really want to vomit, and I experienced it four times at once. Now let's talk about alginate impression materials, which are powdered materials that are mixed and solidified. The advantage is that it is cheap and easy to operate. The shortcomings are also obvious, the shrinkage is relatively large, and it cannot accurately reflect the state of the teeth. For the production of fixed dentures, such as inlays, porcelain crowns, cast porcelain crowns, precision attachments and other technologies, it cannot be used to take partial impressions of dentures.

   This ultra-light body solves these problems very well. When you make a tooth model, use this correction impression. The cured initial impression is easier to apply the gingival direction and the tongue to the porcelain veneer preparation at the same time. With pressure in two directions, it is easier to make a precise impression. Especially in many cases that are prepared to the gingival level, or in cases where there is no preparation for restoration, the abutment itself may not have a very clear termination line. We hope that the restoration can terminate to a position that is level with the gingival margin and completely cover and cover the gingiva. Crowns. Using the modified impression method impression technology, even if there is no gingival retraction, there is a chance to obtain a small amount of subgingival morphology, which is conducive to the technicians to make and accurate restorations.

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