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Save You Thousands Of Dollars

Save You Thousands Of Dollars


    I am very happy that you can read this article. Nanchang Dent Technology Co., Ltd. officially moved the orthodontic service online. This is without any safety issues and you go to the local clinic for orthodontics treatment, just spend a little more time, in exchange for the return is that you can save thousands of dollars and have neat teeth.


  The first step is to give us the dental model obtained from your oral scan file, or use traditional methods to make an impression. 

  The second step, our professional doctors will give you an authoritative treatment plan. There is no need to worry about this at all. 

  The third step use advanced 3d printing technology to make dental molds at each stage, 

  The fourth step is to make invisible braces based on each dental mold, 

  The fifth step is to polish and trim the braces, 

  The sixth step is to put on the braces and you will have Beautiful smile

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