San Diego veneers that are made of porcelain are

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-11
With the help of your friendly, professional San Diego dentist, you can achieve that bright, white, beautifully aligned smile with porcelain veneers. Newer developments in cosmetic dentistry has made the procedure very popular, particularly since today's advanced materials offer high quality porcelain which gives a natural look. Tooth whitening is also a popular option, as you can tell by looking at all the tooth-whitening products available in stores. A professional whitening procedure will give you more consistent and dramatic results than any of those products. You can have it done in your San Diego cosmetic dentist's office in a little over an hour. Or you can take home a professional do-it-yourself kit. Both methods give equally excellent results. You can have both veneers and teeth whitening San Diego dentists say. Veneers are placed only on front teeth. If you had veneers done and left the rest of your teeth to become yellow and stained, your mouth would be multicolored and your dental beauty reduced. Side teeth and even back teeth become visible when you laugh or yawn, even if they are not visible when you smile. For individuals who experience mild tooth discoloration, over-the-counter teeth whitening may be an effective, although temporary, option. When discoloration is more severe, in-office laser whitening, which uses a higher concentration of peroxide, is more effective and long lasting. Those with severely dull, discolored, chipped or misaligned teeth find that porcelain veneers are the best solution overall, since tooth whitening can only solve the issue of discoloration. Veneers offer additional benefits over tooth whitening, including long-lasting results, durability, and enhancement of the facial structure of older individuals who may have a sunken facial appearance due to dental issues. Teeth whitening is a simple process taking less than an hour to complete. Veneers require a greater commitment of time and cost, but are well worth it for those individuals who are good candidates for the procedure. Most cosmetic dentists offer affordable financing to suit a variety of budgets.
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