Root Canal Treatment in simple medical terms can

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-20
The root canal treatment can be conducted in the following process. You might have to visit the dentist several times depending upon the condition of your teeth. Initially, an opening is made through the back of the front tooth. The decayed pulp is removed and the space is cleaned and filled. If the patient needs to visit more than once, a temporary filling is done to prevent the tooth from losing. In the next visit the temporary filling is substituted by the permanent filling. The root canal is filled with gutta percha. At last the gold or porcelain crown is placed on the tooth. The root canal treatment in kolkata is conducted at a number of dental clinics and it is painless treatment. Nowadays people have become quite addicted to chewing tobacco and cigarette smoking. The outcome is that after a certain period of time thick black spots starts accumulating on the surface of the teeth. The enamel of the teeth is responsible for maintaining the shine of the teeth. It gets serious damaged. But the stains can be removed by the treatment called teeth whitening in kolkata. It is also known as Dental Bleaching. The teeth whitening is basically done using a teeth whitening pen. The pen comprises of some chemical components. After the process the teeth would become white again. However, you need to be very careful with your teeth. Brush them twice a day and abstain from tobacco products. Your dentist would also provide you with medicated toothpaste which needs to be used on regular basis. The decayed root pulp can prove disastrous to the adjoining or neighboring teeth as well. The root canal treatment in Kolkata is conducted by giving a local anesthesia. The patients rooting for the root canal treatment is increasing on an everyday basis. According to a report, about twenty million root canals care being done in India. The cost of treatment is also reasonable. You can bring back your lost smile with the teeth whitening in Kolkata. There will be no affect on the firmness of the teeth and it will remain intact as before.
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