Quite often, you come across people with bad breath

by:GlorySmile     2020-07-04
First and foremost, try to avoid beverages that can dry your mouth like coffee, alcohol and etc which can lead to bacterial infestations. Avoid mouthwash with an alcohol base in it. Ensure that you brush your mouth roof and tongue vigorously to wash away food particles and germs .Use a tongue cleaner or scraper and clean right to the back of your tongue. Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth well hydrated. Visit your dentist to check out for cavities and tooth decay to prevent bad breath. Opt for chewing gums without sugar after eating food items like garlic, onion, to avoid bad breath. Brush your teeth and use floss after every meal to avoid bad breath. Maintaining a high level of oral hygiene is important to keep your mouth clean and less susceptible to bacteria growth. Quit smoking, if you can or else at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Apart from yellow teeth, smoking can lead to bad breath and have harmful effect on your lungs. Chew mint leaves, cloves , cardamom or even sunflower seeds after meals to freshen your breath. Chew on an apple every day to drive away bad breath. Zinc-oriented food items is also good to prevent bad breath. Lemon can work wonders for driving away bad breath. Take a lemon and squeeze it into a glass and gargle every now and then and see the difference! Unsweetened tea, pineapple juice or tea made from fenugreek can all go a long way in removing bad breath. Use baking soda and water to wash off your mouth and your bad breath will be eliminated easily along with cleaning away the bacteria . Just plain salt water gargling frequently can also greatly help in eliminating bad breath Chonic alcoholism is also an important cause of bad breath . Reduce the alcohol consumption and you will see the difference. Of course, digestive problem or liver malfunction can also cause bad breath, you may need to see your doctor for check up and some blood investigation to further make those diagnosis . So you need to identify your problems and choose your remedy accordingly.
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