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Professional Glorysmile Teeth Whitening Strips

Professional Glorysmile Teeth Whitening Strips


The fact with teeth whitening strip supplies is that, if done correctly, your products will fly off the shelves and into the baskets of millennials, Gen-Zers, and everyone else who wants to whiten their teeth. Whatever the case may be, you must choose a dependable and trustworthy source.


Why Do So Many Brands Trust Glorysmile teeth whitening strips? GlorySmile is the number one supplier of teeth whitening strips in China because:


Highlight 1: Ideal strength of the gel

The high-quality dental tape features a high-strength gel that will not pull up even if handled very hard, thereby preventing the gel from adhering to the hand.


Highlight 2: The strip has a good tear-off

Glorysmile teeth whitening strips may be easily ripped apart from the stiff plastic covering. The appearance is nice and clean after the dental strip is peeled off. Even if a dental sticker is squeezed, it will not gel on the solid plastic film.


Highlight 3: The strip adheres well

Glorysmile teeth whitening strips feature a unique elastic adhesive force and high-density qualities, allowing better adhesion and attachment to the teeth than standard dental tapes. The dental tape does not come off the teeth because of the excellent adhesion. Slide down to ensure the effect, as well as to make it more comfortable.


Highlight 4: Strips' long-term stability

The strip may be stored for two to three years without bloating, melting, or losing its whitening action, which is a vital need for your sales.


It's Simple To Use, And It's Simple To Feel The Magic

We create goods that are appealing to the eye and practical to use. Remove the plastic backing from 1 packet of strips and open it. The whitening gel is on the side that was linked to the plastic. Apply the longer strip's gel side to the top teeth, right below the gum line. Fold the rest of the strip behind your teeth after pressing and sealing it onto your teeth. For your lower teeth, repeat with the shorter strip. Allow for the recommended application time. Remove and discard the strips.


Only a White Winter Effect

We follow UK and EU regulations regarding peroxide strips, which allow for a maximum of 6% hydrogen peroxide to be supplied through the professional dental channel and 0.1 percent hydrogen peroxide to be sold to end-users through retail/online.


Within both of these alternatives, we can give unique dissolving strips that disintegrate in roughly 10-15 minutes when in contact with saliva. When combined with a strong mint flavor, we can provide excellent whitening and breath-freshening outcomes.


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Teeth Whitening Strips with a Private Label

We have a rapid turnaround time because we are based in China. We only utilize high-quality ingredients in our formulations. Our shipping costs are reasonable, not to mention our quick lead time, which means you can get a product on the market and sold faster than if you worked with other overseas suppliers.


We will collaborate with your team at GlorySmile to produce strips for your target market, whether peroxide or non-peroxide. Our store-bought strips come in various flavors, including mint, coconut, and strawberry, to mention a few.


· Individual package

· With exterior boxes, the entire set can be customized.

· Flavoring that is unique to you

· Orders in a large quantity receive a discount.


Before choosing us as your supplier, you can try our products for free. Make GlorySmile your go-to supplier for all things related to teeth whitening.


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