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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-06
Dental experts pointed out: at present, the more common teeth whitening methods mainly include cleaning, laser whitening and cold light. Cleaning: this is now more common, is combined with the principle of ultrasonic, ultrasonic high frequency oscillation, the ultrasonic scaler tips can wash off the dirt from the tooth surface of calculus, calcification, avoid the further stimulate the gums and cause gum inflammation. Laser whitening: this way to shorten the time of the bleaching, using special wavelength, laser irradiation on the surface of the teeth, teeth on the potions, the effect of increasing teeth potions, shortening the time of teeth. What need reminds is, after whitening, due to the effect of drugs, may feel a little sting, in general, the day will be able to disappear. Cold light: this method is the way to avoid the traditional whitening teeth caused by damage to the teeth, completely avoid the operation of the discomfort of tooth nerve. In hydrophilic drugs and no contact gum whitening process, structure and not cause any damage to teeth. At the same time, whitening effect to maintain time is greatly increased. Of course, another is conceptually different, is by doing cosmetic tooth (porcelain or full porcelain tooth) to change the color of, also can achieve the effect of teeth whitening. Above all kinds of methods, in addition to the first method, each have different degrees of side- effect, please find a reason from the balance of beauty and health to perform.
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