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New teeth whitening light

New teeth whitening light


Nanchang DentalBright Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the production, development and sale of tooth whitening products. Our products are teeth whitening lights, tooth whitening paste, Tooth Whitening Pen, mouthwash, tooth whitening foam, toothpowder and other products.


The R&D team has developed a new rechargeable dental whitening lamp, which has 550 mA large capacity battery and charges for two hours. It uses medical-grade transparent TPE material and 32 beads. It has three-stage settings, one-stage blue light, one-stage white teeth, two-stage red light, three-stage red and blue teeth breath can be removed. Light kills harmful bacteria in the mouth


The design has won patents from Europe, Canada, the United States and China.


If you have any questions, please consult service01@enjoywhite.com


24th March 2019

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