Most dentists recommend laser treatments for tooth

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-10
How Safe and Effective is the Alternative Whitening Treatment As an alternative, dental clients of Smileshop can have a less expensive Zoom Whitening treatment that delivers the same level of whitening effect on their teeth. Unlike laser treatments, this teeth whitening system uses UV light to activate the gel and speed up the bleaching process on the client's teeth. The heat from the UV light rises at a slower rate than the heat from laser does, but it has additional properties that make it a worthwhile procedure. For one, UV light has been used as disinfectant, which assures dental patients that bacteria in their mouth will surely be killed. Thus, there's no danger of getting an infection after the tooth whitening treatment. The peroxide-based gel absorbs the blue-spectrum UV light gradually before it heats up and oxidizes into water and pure oxygen gas. The water continues to absorb the heat to protect the teeth and gums from being burned while the oxygen penetrates the enamel. While inside the enamel, the oxygen acts as bleaching agent and turns all colors into white. Thus, the enamel remains untouched - no etching or thinning of the surface layer. The Recommended Use of the Tooth Whitening Zoom Offers to Clients Before treatment starts, the dentist performs an ordinary scaling and polishing procedure to remove plaque and tartar deposits from the outside surfaces of the teeth and the gums. The teeth whitening gel has a better chance of effectively removing the appearance of stains when the surface has been cleaned of debris. After the treatment, the dentist applies a layer of fluoride to soothe the teeth and gums and to strengthen the enamel. This teeth whitening treatment effectively removes surface stains on teeth caused by caffeine, nicotine, and wine. This procedure is not recommended for internal stains caused by extended use of antibiotics, which contain tetracycline that causes grayish discoloration to develop over time inside the enamel. Of course, the treatment's whitening effects last longer when the patient stops smoking and reduces consumption of caffeinated beverages or red wine. However, when this is not possible at all, the patient must apply home-based whitening treatment to keep their teeth as white as the day they had the in-clinic procedure done. A Brief History of Zoom Whitening According to the website, the company, Discus Dental, that owns the Zoom Whitening brand has bought the Brite Smile trademark in 2006. And so, this major in-chair tooth whitening system has been known as Zoom all over the world. Currently, the system is in its fourth incarnation as the advanced whitening treatment that's most preferred by dental clients in Australia.
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