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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-03
How Long Does it Take? There are many options to choose from when seeking teeth whitening procedures in qualified New York dentistry offices. And the good news is that some of them only take one short appointment, which can oftentimes be completed during your lunch hour. Others take more than one visit, and you should talk with your dentist to find out which procedure will work best for you. Here are the NYC teeth whitening options you'll have to choose from. BriteSmile BriteSmile is considered one of the gentlest teeth whitening procedures around, and many people with sensitive teeth chose it. It utilizes a hydrogen peroxide gel that has a very carefully mixed chemical balance for the best whitening results. It takes three twenty minute applications of the gel, making it the perfect procedure for those people who are in a hurry. Opalescence Boost Opalescence Boost is a procedure that comes highly recommended due to its thick whitening gel, which is considered a plus in teeth bleaching procedures. The gel is another hydrogen peroxide solution, but this one has an increased percentage of the chemical. This procedure doesn't use a special light, which many do, but relies solely on the chemicals in the gel. The gel contains a specially patented component that is a mix of potassium nitrate, which reduces the sensitivity associated with most procedures, and fluoride which is used to prevent cavities. You can have your teeth whitened in one visit when using this procedure, but it can take anywhere from one to two hours. Zoom! New York City Zoom! Whitening is a procedure that has been proven to make your teeth six to eight times whiter in just one visit to the dentist's office. The process is simple-the dentist will put a mouth guard around your lips and gums to expose your teeth, and then apply a special gel to them along the gum line. The gel works quickly and will remove years of discoloration to give you back a natural looking white smile. When considering NYC teeth whitening options, you'll want to make the best decision so that you get the beautiful smile you long for. A New York dentistry office that specializes in the many teeth whitening options is likely your best bet. Whether you choose BriteSmile, Opalescence Boost or New York Zoom! Whitening, you'll walk away with naturally looking white teeth, and likely, a whole new attitude.
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