Keeping your teeth bright and white can be an

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-13
Brushing with whitening toothpastes each day can help to reduce the build up of stains on our teeth, but over time yellowing and discoloration of our teeth is inevitable. For many people a regular trip to a dentist or dental hygienist to have their teeth polished professionally provides an excellent way to keep that bright smile looking whiter than white, but many more people find this an expensive luxury that cannot be done often enough to maintain a white, bright smile. Home teeth whitening systems provide an affordable, safe and relatively easy way to remove tough stains from your teeth, and teeth whitening pens (small, pen-like tubes containing a bleaching gel) are the easiest and most affordable of all home whitening systems. In fact teeth whitening pens can even be carried around with you wherever you go, giving you an easy way to get rid of stains like coffee and tobacco when you're on the move. Teeth whitening pens are essentially pen-shaped tubes of whitening gel (usually a mild solution of sodium hydroxide, carbomer and a flavouring agent such as peppermint) that have an applicator that allows you to easily dab the gel onto affected teeth. Some gels require you to rinse them off thoroughly, others are mild enough to be swallowed and will disappear from the teeth naturally when you eat or drink something. One very popular teeth whitening pen is called Miracle White. Miracle White pens are cheap and very easy to use, containing a bleaching gel that is strong enough to remove even tough stains after a few applications and yet mild enough to be left on the teeth naturally. To use the Miracle White pen one simply applies a small dab of gel onto the affected teeth, leaves it to dry for around sixty seconds, then rinses one's mouth or else allows the gel to wash off naturally in one's saliva or the next time one consumes a drink or some food. The Miracle White gel will leave even browned teeth looking much whiter (naturally Miracle White can only remove stains and is not effective against tooth-decay) after just a few applications, and regular use can keep your teeth brighter, whiter and easier to keep clean.
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