It's not easy to convince smokers to quit their bad habit

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-30
They think smoking makes them look cool and attractive. And they simply couldn't resist. But would they still smoke if they learn that smoking not only shortens their lifespan but also reduces their charm? Here are the top five reasons why majority of the people don't want to date smokers. Whenever a smoker enters an air conditioned room, the people inside already know he or she is a smoker because of the mixed scent of stale smoke and burnt material. Because a smoker's sense of taste and smell eventually degrade because of the bad habit, he doesn't realize that he already stinks. And that is even without opening his mouth. The oral problems of smokers are to the highest degree. Sometimes they have mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and halitosis. Talking to a smoker is like talking to a trash bin. It's that bad. No kind of mouthwash or mint candy can get rid of this foul odor coming from the mouth. And if some people couldn't talk to a smoker face to face, can you even imagine someone kissing him? Because a smoker can't smell his own bad breath and can't taste his own saliva, he wouldn't know that kissing him is something close to repugnant. Smoking speeds up aging, hence a smoker would look at least ten years older. The chemicals in a cigarette prevent the natural ability of the body to heal and repair cells. This is readily identifiable in people having ashen and wrinkled skin. Yellowish teeth are also evident in smokers, therefore smokers better think twice about flashing that grin on someone attractive if they don't want to be embarrassed and laughed at. According to research, smokers have two times as likely to succumb to depression than the average person. They appreciate matters less than they should be if they don't smoke. If you are a smoker and you are now starting to look for a lifetime partner, your chances of building a family is bleak. Male smokers have low sperm count while female smokers would find it hard to get pregnant. If female smokers do get pregnant, there is an increased chance that the child would not survive the pregnancy. The next time you think smoking is cool, you better think again. Not only does smoking reduces your lifespan, it also lowers your overall appeal. If you want to live a longer, happier and ultimately better life, then you ought to start quitting smoking now!
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