Individuals may need the services of a teeth whitening

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-10
How Does Tooth Staining Occur? The most common triggers of tooth staining or color changes of one's teeth are coffee, wine or tobacco consumption. Other foods can also cause abnormal tooth coloration with staining agents. A tooth has two layers - the inner portion called dentin, and a denser, harder but porous portion called the enamel. Staining agents can form an additional external layer covering the protective enamel like a film. Usually, they can be removed through tooth brushing if the toothpaste contains some abrasive, whitening ingredients. Over time, the staining agents from coffee, wine or tobacco can penetrate through the enamel and settle deeper in the tooth structure, causing a change of color. Specialist can restore the natural white of the teeth by applying certain whitening agents and carefully monitoring the results until the desired 'white' is achieved. How Does Tooth Whitening Work? A professional procedure performed by a qualified dentistry specialist involves the usage of a gel containing bleaching agents called carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These agents work in a way similar to hair bleaching. When applied in the form of gel over the surface of the teeth, they penetrate into the porous enamel and cause a chemical reaction that results in the neutralization and elimination of the staining agents, which restores the white color. Before the teeth whitening procedure, a highly experienced dentist makes sure that the teeth are healthy and clean. Any cavities or periodontal problems are treated before whitening to ensure safe and effective results. After a thorough cleaning of the mouth, the dentist places a protective material over the gums to avoid irritation. The whitening gel is applied on the surface, and sometimes, light is used to accelerate the bleaching reaction and consolidate the results. The dentist may use gels of different strengths and concentrations, depending on the desired results. Successive applications and removal of the whitening gel result in progressive teeth whitening until the patient is satisfied with the color. Some whitening gels contain fluoride compounds, which strengthen the structure of the teeth during the whitening procedure. Although in-home teeth whitening solutions do exist, professional tooth whitening is clearly superior because the dentist is able to closely monitor the process and make the necessary adjustments.
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