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Teeth Whitening is a common practice all around the world and the different ways of getting whiter teeth is increasing. With the use of whitening toothpaste, certain types of toothbrushes and even whitening gum you can lighten your teeth by a shade or two. For more stubborn stains there are other stronger and more effective methods of getting rid of stains and discolouration in teeth. Stains and Discolouration in teeth can be caused by tobacco that's chewed or smoked; drinking coffee, soft drinks, tea or red wine; eating cherries and blueberries or other highly pigmented foods and; by accumulation of tartar deposits. Those are surface stains. Internal stains are discoloured teeth caused by: * age; * the antibiotic tetracycline which may have been is used during the time when teeth are forming; * trauma; * when the tooth's nerve dies or; * too much ingestion of fluorine during the time teeth were forming. There are over the counter products that use a low concentration of a peroxide-based whitener, the Do-It-Yourself-Kits or Take-Home Teeth Whitening products. They have been proven to work and can last long (with proper care of course). Some samples are: Whitening Strips These are easy to use and convenient. The strips are thin, flexible pieces of plastic that are coated with hydrogen peroxide on one side. You simply stick it on your teeth for usually 30 minutes, twice a day for 2 weeks. The down side is gum irritation which occurs if the strip touches your gums, so be careful. Whitening Gel and Tray These gels are pretty much the same gels a dentist uses, except you do it on your own at home. The up side is the amount you'll end up saving. The down side is that it may not be as effective compared to getting it done at the dentist because the tray/mouthpiece needs to fit properly and seal off the gums. Some trays are made of a malleable material, just soak it in warm water and press it to your teeth for a close fit. Other kits offer custom-made trays in the form of mail-in impressions. When using gels, remember to read the instructions well and do some research on what you can and can't do afterwards. Also expect some tooth and gum sensitivity as you would if the dentist did the procedure. Whitening Pens These teeth whitening products come in the shape of a pen with a small brush applicator on the tip. The pens are filled with whitening gel that you simply coat on your teeth. They are said to work immediately and show results as well, but for noticeably whiter teeth, using it twice a day for at least a week is recommended. If you don't want to do the whitening at home, then you can also get different whitening treatments from dentists and places like the Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre: Dental Implants and Dental Veneers These forms of cosmetic surgery are better options for people with missing teeth who also want their teeth whitened. There are different options for implants and veneers, what procedure you have done depends on whether you're having a single tooth, upper or lower teeth or multiples. Laser Teeth Whitening This is the best option for people with sensitive teeth. Laser teeth whitening treatments can accomplish great results in just one visit so you don't need to use bleaching gel over and over again which can irritate your teeth and gums. There are many choices and sometimes different procedure work out better for different people, but the one thing that's best for all of us is whiter teeth.
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