Impression material is the material used when taking a negative impression of the oral cavity. This material of dental impression kit wholesale should be elastic, with good fluidity and plasticity; stable physical properties after solidification, no change in shape and volume; appropriate solidification time; easy to take out from the oral cavity after solidification; no chemical change with the model material, easy to separate; easy to operate, Cleaning and disinfection; and non-irritating to oral tissue. 

For removable dentures, detoxification, thorough sterilization and bacteriostasis, removal of tea scale, smoke stains, calculus, dental plaque, fresh breath, etc.

Using the denture cleaning tablet can generate a large amount of active oxygen, sterilize and eliminate odor, and has excellent dual functions of cleaning and deodorization. It can clean dentures independently, thoroughly and quickly, ensuring the health of denture wearers. Use with cleaning brushes and denture boxes for better results

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