Image masking is an essential technique which

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-13
This practice is mainly used to improve the quality of a picture, by editing in different ways like cropping, merging background, changing lights (key & fill light), dimensions, manipulating pixel intensity & more to make it appealing for the human eye. 6 striking features of image masking Industrial applications: Advertising & media industry readily use the technique of special photo effects to add substance and drama to the picture by focusing on any single aspect to be highlighted. Adding effects to the photos brings lot of variety, fun and creativity to explore the attributes of the subject. You can do all perceived with image editing tools which offer more than 150 masks, 100 photo effects to choose from the following: Today the use of images has become specific, either by showing the shadow, bordering, filling colors and more. Images represent themselves of the brand, service, and product, individual. Therefore, the demand for original yet unique images has increased. Image color correction plays vital role in communicating strong messages to the masses by reflecting the specific colors associated with products, events which impart the significance. For Example: Nature/Eco-friendly images- Depict shades of green color Anger/Hatred images- Depict black and other dark shades Feminist- Depicted by pink color Professional 'ADVANTAGE' Image correction professionals aptly include the special effects and color the image for showing specific moves of the subject prominently. The technique involves removing blemishes, smoothing skin, softening, touching up backgrounds and clothing, removing wrinkles, retouching nose, refining hairs, whitening teeth, red eye removal and more. Professionals make sure the effects and colors added to the image pacify the naked eye. It should give balanced and pleasing effect to the viewer. A simple image can be converted into arty paintings which offer immense imagination to the onlookers. Applying artistic effects to your photos and for using your digital photos in various fun and creative ways. Turn your pictures into paintings, pencil sketches, watercolors, chalk, charcoal, pen and ink, and many other traditional artistic styles. Add drama or alter the mood of a photo, create aged looks, and produce other creative effects with photos.
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