If your teeth are no longer the milky white color

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-27
In addition, many of us just have teeth whose natural color is not as bright as some others. Your teeth also change color as you get older. Simple whitening products can give you a younger look and feel. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, whitening options are something you have probably considered before. But is whitening generally a safe procedure? Although much research has been done over the years on tooth whitening safety, there is not one credible report proving carcinogenic effects. Professional whitening products usually use a 10% carbamide peroxide that contains a 3% hydrogen peroxide. It whitens by an oxidation process which removes organic pigments and chromogens from teeth. This results in whiter teeth. You can rest assured that clinical studies have been conducted to verify the safety of these whitening products. However, under no circumstance does this imply that consumers may use these products in whatever manner they see fit. There are still strict guidelines which need to be followed. These kits are not recommended for those whose teeth are already white. It's unlikely that anyone with white teeth would see much of an improvement, and it would simply be a waste of money and time. And people who have a lot of white fillings, crowns, or bridges on their front teeth are not advised to have their teeth whitened, as this type of dental work does not change color. Whitening should take place before you have any restorative work. This is not as relevant if the work you have having done is on teeth which are not normally visible, such as the back of your mouth. Teeth whitening should also be avoided for women who are either pregnant or nursing. Teeth whitening procedures should be overseen by a licensed professional, allowing a patient to ask questions and fully understand the process. Additionally, only a dentist can construct whitening trays which will conform to your mouth properly and make sure that all of your teeth are whitening evenly. To put it simply, the gel can't be swallowed. The dentist will take the time to remove all tartar and other particles to ensure that the tray fits securely and your teeth are fully accessible. After you and your dentist came to an agreement, he/she will take an impression of both your upper and lower teeth. A gooey substance is put on trays and placed on your teeth until it hardens. Then the trays are sent to a dental laboratory, which will use them to cast models of your teeth. Using these models, trays are made out of a type of plastic. The trays will be shipped back to your dentist. They will instruct you how to use the kit when you return to the office. You simply take a syringe of the whitening gel, apply the gel to the portions of the trays that correspond to the teeth you wish to whiten, place the trays into your mouth, and go to sleep. Remove the trays in the morning and brush accordingly, the process repeats until the desired level of whitening has been reached.
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