If you are like most people, you probably assume

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-17
Let me first of all explain how much time you actually need when using a home whitening kit. It doesn't matter whether you buy the whitening strips or the whitening kits that use trays to whiten the teeth. They both require treatment times of around 30 minutes at a time. Depending on the product, you will either need to do one of these whitening treatments every day for around two or three weeks, or you will need to do it twice a day. Let's assume that you have bought a whitening kit that requires two 30 minute sessions. You therefore need to find one hour every day to whiten your teeth at home. This seems like a lot, particularly if you are holding down a full time job and have a long commute to and from work, for instance. However you should still be able to find the time for this whitening treatment. The reason why is because you can do other things and complete various tasks at the same time. The 30 minute treatment periods do not have to be times when you are doing nothing. For example you can attach the whitening strips to your upper and lower teeth, or apply the mouth trays containing the whitening gel to your teeth, and then get on with doing something else. To demonstrate this point, if you have around 30 minutes to get ready every morning, there is no reason why you cannot apply the whitening strips or the trays when you get up in the morning, get ready as you would normally, and then take them out again. The same can be said about the second treatment of the day as well. There is no reason why you can't whiten your teeth whilst you are winding down in the evening, or when you are reading in bed just before you go to sleep. As long as you don't fall asleep during the treatment, and end up whitening your teeth overnight, this could easily be accommodated into your normal daily routine. In many cases you don't even need to leave gaps between the two daily treatments if you don't want to. You simply do one treatment for 30 minutes, and then do the next straight afterwards. So if you have a spare hour in the morning or an hour in the evening, you could get the day's whitening treatment out of the way in one go. So the point is that even people who have very little spare time can use one of the home whitening kits that are available. You can easily do other things whilst doing the actual treatment, and you only have to do these treatments for a few weeks. Then you can enjoy walking around with dramatically whiter teeth for up to two years in some cases before you need to whiten them again.
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