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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-27
Well, apparently, mint cosmetics have been making a great name in the annals of natural teeth whitening history because of being safer and much more user-friendly than other conventional products. The credit for this goes to the cleansing agent used - sodium bicarbonate - which is many times milder and safer for usage (for people with irritant gums or easily scarred lips/mouth interiors). This is the 'zero peroxide' approach, which does away with the conventional cleansing agent hydrogen peroxide and uses the said agent instead. But while the product is safe for use, there are several cons associated with the same. Let's tackles these too while we are dissecting the product line! Mint cosmetics takes up a long time to get you that perfect smile - logically so, because the cleansing agent is milder. So while you may keep gums intact (which is the same in the case of conventional natural home teeth whitening kits if you don't have over-sensitive or allergic skin), you will end up using it for a longer period of time, for longer sessions to get the kind of results that other tooth bleaching kits can get you! Another logical conclusion that we come across is the fact that these products will take impact with the application of much more gel content than is necessary with average whitening kits. This is because the agent is mild, and the zero peroxide approach renders the need for more bleaching to make results faster and better! Mint cosmetics, again, will cost you more on the long term, despite being affordable right now. This is because you will be applying the kit for a longer time than usual. While zero peroxide may seem to be a really lucrative proposal right now, it won't be deemed so when you have spent more than what you would have on an ordinary home teeth whitening kit and have no results to justify the same! If you ask me, the zero peroxide is only a gimmicky approach to retain consumers - but the glitter will soon fade once the results and consumer reviews start coming in. As for now, you can safely keep your money invested in the home teeth whitening kits that use hydrogen peroxide, because the zero peroxide approach will fall flat - sooner or later. And you don't want to fall with it!
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