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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-01
Tooth Whitening in Mumbai There are several dental care centers in the island city, renowned for its world-class equipment and a qualified set of dentists. The clinic offers effective tooth whitening procedures in a relaxing and clean environment. Clients who wish to have their teeth whitened can choose between procedures: Tray Bleaching This procedure can be carried out from the comfort of your home. A transparent plastic mould is made of your teeth at the clinic. Bleaching gel is placed inside the mould and worn by the client for an amount of time every day as prescribed by the dentist. The advantage of Tray Bleaching is that it is easy to use and can be done at home. Results for this teeth whitening procedure appear in a couple of weeks. Cold Light Treatment Whitening gel is applied to the teeth and exposed to a whitening accelerator lamp. The lamp accelerates the teeth whitening process and you can be the proud owner of a perfect set of white teeth with the 60-minute treatment. One of the advantages of the cold light treatment is that the results are instantaneous and lasts for long periods. Precautions and Results The practitioners of tooth whitening in Mumbai take care that their clients take the following precautions before attending a procedure: A proper dental check up is necessary before you get your teeth whitened. Different people have different tooth sensitivity. Highly sensitive teeth may react adversely to the whitening process. Tooth bleaching (cleaning) is an inexpensive method of whitening, but it can have serious side effects such as tissue burn and soft tissue irritation. It is recommended that you select a professional method of teeth whitening. The results of a teeth whitening procedure depend on the procedure you opt for. Cold light treatment offers instant results while tray bleaching takes more time to work. To get the best results consult an experienced dental clinic in Mumbai, India.
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