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How To Use Teeth Whitening Kits

How To Use Teeth Whitening Kits


A perfect smile adds more attraction to your personality. However, what makes a perfect smile is a big question. Many people think it of just facial expressions but it involves your sparkling teeth for sure.

Having white and sparkling teeth makes you smile broad and confident. Keeping it short, you need to have clean, healthy and white teeth to have a perfect smile. This is why you have to make visitors to the dentists and get numerous procedures done. Sometimes, you have to take a few care options as well.

Thankfully, now you have glorysmile teeth whitening kit available out there. These are professionally whitening kits available for consumers to give their teeth great whitening treatment. You do not have to knock at the dentist door every time. It is possible to do a little touchup yourself.

If you are wondering about using the teeth whitening kits then here you have the complete solution.

glorysmile teeth whitening kit

How To Use Teeth Whitening Kits

Using the teeth whitening kit is not as difficult as you think. Pick up the Glory Smile Whitening kit as it comes with easy to observe using guidelines. The company provides these guidelines in detail so you can use it efficiently.

All you need is to understand all of its components and then use them accordingly. Here is an in detail procedure that will help you to move forward with teeth whitening.

Preparing your teeth

The very first thing you need to do me to prepare your teeth. There is no benefit in going for teeth whitening when you have all the plague and germs in your mouth. It will do nothing but infect your kit trays as well.

So, before you get to start with the procedure, brush and floss your teeth properly. It is good to use a brush and floss together so there will be no meal residue in your teeth. You can also use the mouthwash afterwards to avoid any left out bacteria in the mouth.

Getting the contents of the teeth whitening kit

Once your teeth are clean and your mouth cavity is free from bacteria, it is time to move further. Now you need to look at the contents of the kit. When you know what is inside the pack, you will be able to make the perfect use of it.

Normally, in a teeth whitening kit you will get the trays, whitening cream or solution, shade card, and the applicator. Sometimes you may get some additional before treatment or after treatment creams or applicators of different kinds as well.

For the ultimate guide about the contents of the box, you can look at the leaflet in the box. It helps you to clear out any additional confusion as well.

Preparing the trays

It is time for some real action, preparing the trays is one of the crucial and fun parts of the procedure. You just have to take out the tray from the packaging, open the whitening gel or cream and apply an appropriate amount of gel or cream on the try.

Make sure you are evenly distributing the gel or cream in the try. Do not fill it excessively as it will ooze out when you fix the try. Keep it good enough to spread evenly around teeth from the inside out. It is better to spread it on the sides of the tray so you will get every corner covered automatically.  

Recording pre-treatment shade

Before applying the try to your teeth, it is better to record the teeth shade. In the kit, you will get a shade card. It will help you to note down the current shade of your teeth. Recording the pre-treatment teeth shade helps you in measuring the results.

Do not forget to record the nearest teeth shade. Be sure of making it correctly otherwise you will never get an idea about the results of the treatment. The best tip to record accurate shade is to use the shade card under appropriate light, and start from the dull shades and move to the bright options.

Placing the trays in position and WAIT

Once you are all set with the preparations, now is the time for some action. Take the trays for each side and place them nicely to a perfect fit. Be careful with the placement and make sure you will pick up the right tray for each side.

Do not let it slide differently. Normally, these trays are designed for the general setting of the teeth and adjust to minor changes in the teeth symmetry as well. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. You just place it well and let it set.

Keep the trays on for about 3 hours to overnight. The timing is mentioned in the instruction manual so you have to follow them.

Record post-treatment shade

Once time is up, you need to gently remove the trays from the teeth. Rinse and clean the teeth. If it is necessary then you can brush your teeth again. It is time to record the post-treatment shade of your teeth. It helps you to mark the instant results on your teeth.

Additional Guidelines For Teeth Whitening Kit

· It is better to use the whitening kit at night when you are done with meals

· Use the teeth whitening kit for about a month at intervals according to your teeth condition

· Avoid eating or drinking while using the whitening kit or even after one hour of treatment

· Avoid swallowing the whitening gel, as it can be harmful

· Do not apply the gel directly to your teeth but use the trays for the purpose

· It is better to remove the trays within the given time

· Brushing or flossing your teeth can be mandatory after using specific kits

· Read the instructions on the kit carefully to avoid any issues

Using glorysmile teeth whitening kits is not as tricky as you think. All you need is to be persistent and calm with the procedure. Do not make haste with anything. It will give you effective results for sure.

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