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How To Use Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe

How To Use Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe


If you are looking for an easy and fast way to get brighter teeth, then teeth whitening gel syringes may be the right answer. These syringes are packed with a peroxide-based gel that will help to break down any discoloration or stains on your teeth. In just a few little minutes, you can see a clear difference in the whiteness of your smile.

Most teeth can be whitened with a whitening gel because it has bleaching ingredients. Hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients are generally included to gel in order to improve their flavor and performance. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents not to bleach their baby teeth until all of their child’s baby teeth have fallen out. Some people are worried about the safety of whitening products. Peroxide-based bleaching agents, according to the American Dental Association, can cause gum problems. Sensitivity to the teeth can happen as well, as can tooth whitening. If you have any of these possible bad effects, talk with your dentist to whiten your teeth before doing so.

Glorysmile teeth whitening gel syringe

How to use teeth whitening gel syringe

15-20 minutes once a day for four days is all that is required for amazing results. Do not exceed one hour per application. If you feel tooth sensitivity or pain quickly rinse your mouth and crease the treatment.

Step 1: Use the gel syringe to insert gel into the mouth trays largely concentrating on the areas that will make contact with the front of the teeth. Don’t pack the mouth tray, just a film on the inside part of the tray that will make contact with the front of the teeth is all that is needed.

Step 2: Insert the trays into your mouth. Set the tray tightly against your teeth. Wipe off any excess gel that has seeped over the brim of the tray.

Step 3: Pull the LED mouth/light tray in your mouth using your lips to grip the device in place. Turn on.

Important note: Lying on your back during the treatment will make sure you get the top possible outcomes with the lowest amount of sensitivity.

After each whitening session get rid of the trays and rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away. Rinse and dry your mouth trays and save in a box. Wipe your LED light dry and save it in your box.

Important: During the full length of your whitening treatment, you should reject staining beverages as much as possible, including red wine, tea, coffee, citrus and colas. If you must use these, it is highly advised to do so through a straw.


The whitening gel should be saved in a chill place and away from direct sunlight. Please know, the whitening gel can expire. This item has a six month shelf life.

If you experienced sensitivity

Patients who experience sensitivity may need to adjust their treatment schedule such as taking a day or two breaks between treatments. Fewer treatments are also advised when sensitivity is a problem. Patients will also be given a tube of Sensodyne protect and repair toothpaste which helps decrease sensitivity.


● Do not worry to call our office if you have any concerns or questions

● Keep out of reach of pets and children

● Not to be used by lactating or pregnant women, or children under the age or 15

● For topical use only

Patients with a history of chemical allergy are suggested to have an allergy test performed before using this product.


How many syringes does it take to whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitening gel syringe required to whiten teeth will change depending on the individual’s teeth and wanted level of whiteness. Anyway, most people who whiten your teeth will use between one and three syringes of whitening per session, with each session lasting around thirty minutes.

It is an easy procedure that can produce a bright smile. It is not just possible to have a charming smile, but it is also possible to get it. Teeth whitening trays and syringes should be used by the dentist to keep your teeth bright and gleaming. Before going to the dentist for a whitening session, make a list of your needs. If sensitivity persists for a high period of time, discontinue the procedure for 1-2 days. If you are having any sensitivity problem, use desensitizing toothpaste until it goes away. If you are experiencing any persistent issues, you should see a dentist.

The amount of time you need to whiten your teeth is determined by a range of factors. The results may be fast if you use a highly concentrated gel. Tea, coffee, tobacco, sauces, soda, cigarettes, and other types of drinks should be rejected. The pores in your teeth are visible as an outcome of the teeth whitening procedure.

Can yellow teeth be whitened by a dentist?

If you have yellow teeth that are faded, your dentist may be capable of suggesting to you on how to whiten them with bleaching. In addition to providing bleaching procedures in-office and bleaching kits, your dentist can give bleaching kits at home and for a period of time.

How to use teeth whitening gel with light

The dentist will use a whitening gel to your teeth after a whitening procedure. They will then use a blue LED light, which will make active the carbamide peroxide whitening gel or hydrogen peroxide. This goes faster the process of breaking down the gel. With the help of this chemical response, stains on your teeth are removed.

With an LED teeth whitening light in combination with your custom whitening trays, your trays will be more successful, and you will save money on whitening gels. During a whitening session, you will generally be capable of doing some fun things like surf the internet or read while waiting for the timer to inform you that it is time to go.

 If your whitening gel has any instructions, follow them as they are stated. If you notice burning sensations or redness on your gums, you should quickly stop using this item.



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